I had super big intentions for this blog but I am inundated with my real job at which I am still at waiting for a document so I can e-file it and then go home. 

On a more fun note, I have a huge order for wine bags for a wedding in August and I’ve been chugging along with the many steps of the completion of that. Also, I decided to do some charity sewing for the Sierra House.  I started quite a few projects for them with a due date of THIS Saturday, so I hope I can pull through in time to make a big gifting.  I am joining a super fun co-worker  for their 2nd Annual Gardening Event

I am trying to guilt trick J into joining me.  I want him to carry any heavy mulch and/or soil bags that otherwise I would have to carry myself.  Outside of the mandatory weeding my parents made me do as a bratty kid, I’ve never actually gardened before.  I think it’ll be a blast, who doesn’t like to play in the dirt?

Also, I have to either do laundry or make my dress for a Bridal Shower on Sunday (which reminds me, I still have to pick up a present) and I haven’t even started on that.  I’ll do something simple sometime Saturday night.  Watch out J, the Witch behind the sewing machine will be in full force this weekend.  I’ll be nice if he carries the aforesaid mulch and doesn’t opt to stay home and play Street Fighter 4.

After these two projects, I plan to organize my wares for my etsy page and see if there are any bites at the end of my hook.  I’m not looking to quit my day job (still captive right now) just a little help in financing my fabric addiction.

Speaking of which, I made my first “official” sale yesterday.  Cha-ching!

Finally, I wanted to share these really fun bowls that I found through some other sneak blog blitzes at work.  I would love to own these but my parents would never come over for dinner again and I doubt J would approve.  I completely appreciate the cleverness.  I hope they don’t mind I posted on my blog.  Definitely check out the other things on http://www.baileydoesntbark.com they are amazing.   I really like the ants series too.



It started for me as a hobby and became an obsession.  I come from a long line a sewers, my maternal grandmother, aunts, uncles, my mother and even my father took a turn in the factories of NYC in the mid to late seventies.  I remember being told not to touch my grandmother’s iron black Singer sewing machine permanently affixed to the awkward green table, 36 inches marked along the side.  I broke needles, wrapped thread into unremovable angles and jammed bobbins in the updated Singer that my parents had for household fixes.  I struggled to make straight lines and now I make dresses.  

I cubicle jokey by day and a handcrafter by night (into the wee hours).  This is my story.